Why is Gamora missing from Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise?

Exit polls indicate 44 percent of GotG’s opening-week audience were women, yet Disney/Marvel still seems unaware or unconvinced that it can profit from this half of their audience. At San Diego Comic-Con last month, women’s T-shirts for Marvel’s upcoming Agent Carter TV series sold out in a day, with the bemused attendants saying that they hadn’t expected this kind of interest. This is after years of fans clamoring for a female-led superhero movie from anyone.

Fans have been asking, well… where’s Gamora?

When companies are so sexist they don’t even want to accept women to make a profit you know society is very fucked up 

Yeah except this isn’t true. There’s plenty of merch with Gamora.
She has a figure

A bobblehead

Also custom-printed t-shirts

You can bitch and moan about sexism all you want but don’t fucking lie.

It’s not lying (or bitching and moaning for that matter). Also, you can’t link to a site that is selling unofficial merch and say that it counts as the official sources not leaving out a character. If I went and made 50 Gamora designs, it wouldn’t mean that Marvel had made them, it would mean that I, a fan, had made them. Those action figures you linked are only available in a few select stores, not in every store like everyone else is. I mean look at this shirt; it has five boxes. There are five Guardians. Strangely, they chose not to include Gamora on the entire shirt. Why is that?

She’s not on the display stands either, when they made room for 4 out of 5 guardians. They could have gone with 3 and left out a guy, but they made it work, leaving out the only female member on the team. Why her again?

There’s two sides on this thing and both sides have all 4 Guardians. If it’s a space/size issue, why not have Gamora/Nebula/Ronan/Yondue on the other side? At least she would be included!

Official mugs without Gamora as well:

I mean come on - According to Marvel, the other four members of the Guardians are available at Toys “R” Us online and in stores while Gamora (along with Nebula) will only be available at specialty stores. Seriously. And you think it’s just ‘bitching and moaning’ ? Here are several pictures where it’s clear that Gamora is the only member of the team that is ‘optional’. They aren’t regularly leaving out Drax and swapping it in for Gamora/Rocket/Groot/Peter, or leaving out Groot and Rocket or any other combination. This is not just whining, this is a big deal. Women already have to be happy with just having ONE person of their gender being on a team out of FIVE characters, and you think we’re asking too much for that ONE woman to be included in the merchandise?

Man, if I was a kid all I’d want would be a gamora and Groot toy..






Some Animated Villains + MOTIVATIONS

inspired by x

Also, I know some of these villains have more than one motive, but I chose only one of them for each. And it’s pretty much my favourites, so I apologize if you don’t find yours on this list.

I like that even if you try to figure out Oogie Boogies’ motives he’s still an asshole.

Um the snake wasn’t the villain just a gun for hire. Who ever did this post never seen that movie.

#I scrolled down to that last one and was about to get upset #Rattesnake Jake is not the villain of Rango #Do your research #animation (via drawciawitch)

Okay, you really want to go there? Then let’s go there.

From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia:

And you’re telling me Jake was not a villain?

Quick recap:

  • ripps Rango into pieces emotionally and psychologically the first time meeting him, enabling his journey to discover himself (aka ‘constitutes an important evil agency in the plot’)
  • he is the one who after all, at the end, punishes the Mayor and takes him away to kill him
  • and even though we never actually see him kill on-screen, there’s this:

"He never leaves without taking a blooming soul." - which           basically means he kills every time he is in a new city.
And that is not ‘being devoted to wickedness or crime’, to stay with my definition? Because to me it sounds like he’s quite the villain.

I think what you mean is that he is neither the main villain nor the antagonist.

Main villain in Rango, the Mayor John:

And the movie has not one, but three secondary villains, which are not any less villainous or evil, the Hawk, Bad Bill and Rattlesnake Jake (even three, if you count the Hawk,but this is enough to prove my point):

What the three of them are not and what makes Mayor John the main villain, is that he is the antagonist to Rango’s protagonist.

If Jake is the antagonist to anyone’s protagonist, then it is to the Mayor himself, in his own story, since the two of them embody polar opposites.

As a conclusion, as far as it concerns Jake not being the main antagonist of the movie, I am completely with you. And yes, he was a gun for hire, but one which was not defined by that and was very capable of making his own decisions.

But, Tumblr users applejackbot and drawciawitch, you probably should’ve done your own research before insulting my work and the thought I put into it.

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(who, by the way and just for your information, watched this movie about twenty times because it’s her favourite animated movie, which is apparently a lot more than you did)